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5 Unusual Ways to Naturally Lose Fat

There are many people today that have extra body fat that they'd like to get rid of.  Maintaining a healthy weight seems to be a continual battle we all are fighting.  If you are looking to shed some extra pounds there are many all-natural methods to choose from.  Even when it comes to losing fat naturally there several different ways to approach it.  Some natural ways to burn excess fat are well known, but we are going to highlight five unusual ways to reduce fat.  Even though these may be considered unconventional, they are effective ways to shed that extra fat.

1.  Eat Whole Foods

One of the best things you can do to lose fat is to base your diet on whole foods with one ingredient.  This virtually eliminates processed foods from your meals.  These often contain unhealthy amounts of saturated fat and additional sugar.  Most whole foods are naturally filling, making it easier to maintain a calorie intake that is healthy.  Eating whole foods also provides your body with the many essential nutrients that it needs to function properly.  All these combine to promote a healthy metabolism that naturally burns fat.

2.  Eat More Protein

Eating more of something may seem like the wrong approach, but protein is a key nutrient that enhances muscle and burns fat.  Your body burns calories when digesting the protein you eat, so a high-protein diet can boost your metabolism by 80-100 calories a day.  A high-protein diet can also make you feel fuller and reduce your appetite.  Some studies have found that people on a high-protein diet eat less calories per day.  Eating less calories means your body can burn more fat.  Eating a high-protein breakfast, like eggs, can have a major impact on your metabolism.  High-protein foods, like nuts, also make great snacks to help curb your appetite between meals.

3.  Eliminate Liquid Calories

Beverages like fruit juices, energy drinks, sugary soft drinks, and even alcohol contain calories in liquid form.  These drinks increase fat cells, and are bad for your health in several other ways.  Your brain does not register liquid calories the same way it does solid calories.  When you consume these beverages you end up adding calories to what you have already eaten.  This causes your body to store that energy in fat cells.  Water has zero calories and is the natural beverage of choice.  In addition to reducing calories, drinking water will also stymie hunger and postpone your urge to eat.  Drinking more water throughout the day will help you reduce your caloric intake and help your body burn more fat.

4.  Go to the Sauna

Current studies may show that sitting in a steam room can help reduce fat.  Sitting in a sauna is relaxing and can relieve stress, which again can curb your appetite.  It also increases your circulation and boosts your metabolism, which allows you to burn fat more quickly.  It is estimated that you burn about one and a half times more calories sitting in a steam room than you do at normal room temperature.  Using a sauna along with proper diet and exercise can help you speed up the elimination of fat cells and shed those extra pounds.

5.  Take Glucomannan

Lastly, taking a Glucomannan supplement has proven to be a natural way to reduce fat.  It is a natural water-soluble dietary fiber that comes from the konjac plant.  Glucomannan is low in calories, and reduces your body's absorption of protein and fat.  It has also been found to take up space in the stomach, delay stomach emptying, and feed beneficial gut bacteria.  The supplement's ability to absorb water is believed to be what makes it so effective, one capsule can turn an entire glass of water into gel.   Adding a Glucomannan supplement can help your body burn through those fat cells more quickly.

There are many natural ways out there to lose fat.  Some of them may seem a bit unusual, but that doesn't mean they aren't effective.  New weight-loss strategies designed to burn fat are being discovered every day.  You may find these five natural methods to be the best way for you to reduce fat and shed those extra pounds.

This article was written by Sam Socorro from Steam Shower Store. She has over 10 years’ experience in writing health related topics and specializes in the health benefits of saunas and hydrotherapy.

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