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What Supplements Should I Take
As A Natural Bodybuilder?

As a personal trainer , I am often asked this very important question.  Before answering this question, I in turn will ask clients several questions.  First what's their goal, how far do they want to go in the sport, how much are they willing to spend a month on supplements, etc.  These are all factors, when considering which supplements to take.

A client whose goal is only to get fit, should consider taking a good multivitamin, vitamin C and E and also flax seed oil. Client who wants to lose weight and tighten their body,  should also take a good multivitamin, vitamin C and E also flax seed oil lastly they should get a powerful fat burner.

Then comes the client that makes me feel good as a trainer,one who want to get into tip top shape, in other word they want to become a machine.  This client needs the whole arsenal, most important a good multivitamin, vitamin C and E, flax seed oil, creatine, glutimine, protein, testosterone booster, and a good amino acids formula.  Experience tells me, that anything else is a waste of time.
The list given above is all you will need to develop an impressive physique.  
Lift hard, eat clean and watch your body grow


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