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Health Benefits of Exercise

The act of exercising is something your doctor insists on you participating in. It is for a good reason too! Exercise has many health benefits.


Exercise keeps you young. It has been known that when you are active throughout your lifetime you live longer. Older persons that continue to do some sort of small, activity are healthier than those who do not. Keeping up with daily activity helps you to be agile and fit!


Along with keeping young, weight loss programs help you to have energy. Think about it, when watching a movie, or a ball game you sit for an extended period of time. Your body stiffens up and you feel inactive. Daily activity helps increase your energy levels, thus giving you more energy. In turn, more energy increases metabolism as well.


Having a daily exercise routine also can keep you happy! Studies have shown that people who are active tend to be happier than those who are inactive. Why? It is because this exercise that helps you lose weight triggers endorphin in your body that keep your attitude positive. What happens when we are more positive? When we are more content we have more motivation and energy. We also tend to be healthier physically and mentally. For instance, patients that are diagnosed with terminal illnesses are encouraged to take on a positive attitude. This is because their optimistic outlook can actually help cure them. Those that gave up had decreased results.


Daily activity also makes us feel better. When you are sick and must stay in bed, isnít a wonderful feeling when you can get up and move around? It is freeing to be able to walk and run and use our bodies in a way we donít do every minute of everyday. One particular activity that is satisfying is swimming. It is not only the movement, but the water plays a large role in making it a great exercise. Water is said to be healing. We cleanse our bodies in it, so what better feeling is it than to completely immerse ourselves into it?


If you are looking to heal physical wounds such as scrapes or cuts, take a dip in the ocean. Ocean water heals the body in one of the most natural ways on earth.


Activity is the only way we get things done in our life. If everyone were inactive nothing would ever be accomplished. Keep this in mind next time you are tempted to slack off from your usual routine.


Exercise affects our health and our health is essential for our well-being. Next time you would like to stay on the couch remind yourself that everything you do affects your body and your life.

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