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12 Men's Fitness Dos and Don'ts
to Get You in a Positive Mindset

As the winter is slowly passing by, it's never too early to get ready for the summer season and get a fit, strong body. Although there are no shortcuts in fitness, there are tips and tricks that will help you achieve better results and will help you easily maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are just starting to eat consciously and getting familiar with working out or have been in the gym for a while, these tips will definitely come in handy and will help you get in the right mindset.

Don't: Stick with the Same Sports and Exercises

By not switching things up, you will easily get bored and eventually loose motivation. Seeing the same weight machines, running at the same track field every day… it can get quite monotone. If you've found a sport that you truly love, that's great, but it's key to invest in a sport that you genuinely enjoy, even besides going to the gym. Football twice a week with your friends, learning how to surf or going to the swimming pool every week – why not mix being strong and healthy with enjoying yourself?

Do: Find New Ways to Train

Any new sport, whether that's some type of martial arts or team sports, is a great way to keep your body and mind fit. You don't have to only get stuck at the gym if you are not a fan of it… there are various other ways to gain muscles. Besides, trying out new, surprising sports and ways to train will keep up your level of motivation and will make working out part of your lifestyle.

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Don't: Waste Your Own Time

It's better to have short, but powerful sessions of working out. If you step over the 60 minutes working out limit, your body will start producing more of the stress hormone (cortisol), which has a muscle-wasting effect.

Do: Keep It Short

Stay focused during your work-out routine and have 1-hour sessions to keep the energy level of your body up. Instead of randomly wandering around the gym for three hours, train consciously…it will give you better results, more quickly.

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Don't: Be All Over the Place

You might think simply going to the gym  will get the job done, but if you start randomly exercising instead of focusing on the order and types of exercises, you might won't get the results you are looking for.

Do: Exercise in Order

The order is extremely important. Dumbbells, barbells and machines in this order will help you gain more weight.

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Don't: Follow Crazy Trends

“Get Perfect Abs in 7 Days”, “These Training Tips Will Change Your Life in 2 Minutes”… no, thank you. These articles sound good with their catchy titles, but most of the time, they feature some ridiculous new trends that simply do not work. These sound very promising and we all want them to work, because let's face it: if it was that easy to find diets and exercise routines that got you in shape in a week we would all be super fit muscle machines, but unfortunately, our bodies don't work that way.

Do: Ask For Professional Help

If you are not sure where to start with your meals or workout routine, don't be afraid to ask for professional help. Although these can be a bit pricy, these sessions will pay off: you will know exactly what to do and how to do it, and these new trends won't be able to fool you anymore.

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Don't: Get Discouraged

Starting out is extremely difficult, and it will take a while to get the results you are looking for, but that doesn't mean you won't reach your goals. But once you lose motivation or start second guessing yourself, it will be a downhill from there.

Do: Keep a Steady Motivation Level

Find and identify your biggest motivation. Feeling better about yourself? Preparing for something with a strong, healthy body? Improving your appearance and getting back your old body? Once you know your goals, it will be easier to keep your motivation level up, which will help you get through rough times, when you are struggling in a gym or would like to order a pizza at 11 pm.

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Don't: Try To Rush Things

One of the most common mistakes we all make while working out is trying to get results ASAP. Working out like crazy and trying to eat too much (or too little) after avoiding the gym for years won't bring any positive results, especially not that quickly.

Do: Do Your Research

We know, reading about these things and doing a proper research doesn't sound as interesting as achieving amazing results in only two weeks by rushing things, but it will be worth it in the long run. Learn more about your body type, which sports you would love doing, prepare a meal plan and start in small steps.

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