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Best At Home Weight Loss Exercises

I could hardly see.

Even though I couldn't see I felt the burn in my chest.

The face melting riffs from Metallica playing through my crappy stereo in the background could have been Patsy Cline for all I knew.

Up & down, up & down, up, but not quite enough...

CRASH! (*Barbell falls back onto the shoddily made wooden frame you crafted.*)

If you are into building muscle, getting lean and looking good, you probably wonder what I am talking about - but for those dedicated to it, you know exactly what I mean.

Working out in a shed with no power, therefore no lights except for the glow of my HP laptop almost running out of battery, blasting out heavy metal to get the endorphins flowing and making each rep seem more bearable.

I understand that some people don't have the cash to join a gym - been there, done that, couldn't afford the t-shirt.

I also know what it's like to have a fear (however subtle) about working out in front of others.

No matter what your reason for wanting to workout at home - let me show you the absolute best at home weight loss exercises, because no matter what anybody tells you, there is NO need to spend vast sums of capital and force feed your children raw potatoes for weeks just to pay for the novelty of working out with a whole bunch of sweaty dudes and buff chicks.

Numero One Rule When Working Out At Home:

Use A Timer

Let's face it, if you aren't trying to impress hot chicks (or dudes) at the gym by working out like a mad man, or if you have no personal trainer yelling obscene language at you - you ain't goin' to work as hard.

Using a timer helps to ensure that you do the best work even without an angry PT on the sidelines.

Even if it is your egg timer from the over, stopwatch on cellphone or an analogue clock on the wall.

Here are a couple of workout routines you can do in the privacy of your own home or wherever you enjoy working out, at a park, in the office, wherever. Just get it done.

The Best At Home Weight Loss Workout:

Warm up! Don't get stuck with an injury just because you didn't spend a few minutes warming up.

1. 10 x Jumping squats - just how it sounds, jump up and squat down in a fluid motion, hold your hands in front of you to stay balanced.

2. 10 x Burpees - these are such a great workout I am often pushed out of social groups because I don't shut up about them. To perform burpees you jump down into a squat, kick your legs out behind you, then perform a press up, then suck your legs back up into a sitting squat, and then either jump, or just stand up then repeat - depending on your level of physical ability of course.

3. 1 min x Wall Sit - even a complete moron can do this. Simply sit with your back up against a wall for 1 minute, sit like you are on a chair but with no chair there. This creates a wild burning sensation in your legs and it may feel like somebody is cooking your muscles.

4. 10 x Dips - These are a great strength builder, and if something builds strength then it is hard to do. If it's hard, you will sweat, which equals calories burned, which equals fat burned. To do dips anywhere at home, hit the kitchen. Stand in a corner of your kitchen bench and hold yourself up with your arms, then slowly lower yourself down, raise up and repeat. These are quiet hard to do, but turn you into a steel ripping, iron crushing beast.

5. 10 x Pull Ups - Before you complain you don't have a pull up bar - harden up. You can use doors, support beams (often these beams are exposed in garages and sheds), fences, jungle gyms, trees, and anywhere else you find something that can hold your weight. Pull ups rule. Enough said.

6. 10 x Hanging leg raises - These are a killer ab workout and should be performed just after pull ups. To perform you hold yourself on the bar, preferably with your back against a wall, then raise your knees up toward your chest as high as you can, then lower. These are an advanced exercise so don't cry if you can't do them at first attempt, instead just slowly go a little higher each time and do one more each day.

7. Maximum press ups - Go wild and do as many press ups as you can. These work almost the entire upper body and if you stick some weights on your back - even just 2-3lb at the start, that can increase the difficulty plenty.

Perform this workout 3 times - that should be about half an hours work for anyone in an average condition. Try to decrease the amount of time it takes by a minute each time. You can literally do this workout every single day if you choose to because body weight exercises don't place a huge stress on the muscles like conventional exercises such as squats do.

Thanks for helping to make the world a better, sexier place by exercising!

Johnny Palmer is a writer/trainer/athlete among other things. His main focus is teaching how to get abs and lose belly fat. He has also reviewed the best weight loss products on the market and gives an unbiased opinion on them. His site absrightnow.com gives free weight loss information as well as cutting through the usual lies and b.s promoted by corporate supplement and magazine companies.

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